VIDEO: Ayisha Modi Reveals How Much She Has Spent On Moesha


Ayisha Modi, the mother of all beef, has emerged with yet another series of rants about matters regarding Moesha Budoung and her predicaments.

After a few days ago, Ayisha took to Instagram to reveal how much she has spent on Moesha’s well being after she plunged into depression and became suicidal.

During a live video session, she claimed to have spent a whopping 1.7 billion on Moesha, a former Slay Queen who has turned born-again, to get her back her feet.

Ayisha Modi made this revelation while responding to accusations about her forcing herself on Moesha.

She cleared the air that why would she wait such huge amount, just to force a friendship. She was implying that her intentions and love for Moesha are genuine.

Watch the video below


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