Final year Legon student dies a day to his final paper


Final years students in the University of Ghana have been left in shock after one of their mates identified as Daniel Anane Wadie kicked the bucket a day before their final exams.

Legon Hyper1 with the handle @Elormdeezy, a popular Ghanaian Twitter influencer, revealed the tragic news on social media, which was then corroborated by some of Daniel’s coworkers in the comment part of the post.

It is said that Daniel prior to his death made a tragic comment on his WhatsApp status asking people to always remember his heart when his body is gone(dead)

The last words on his status were: “When my body is gone, remember my heart”.

Although the actual cause of the youngster’s death is unknown, it is believed that he died on September 9, 2021, while seeking medical help at the University of Ghana Hospital.

Daniel Anane Wadie was also a student of information and a member of the University of Ghana Parliament House.


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