Wear your wigs – CJ to judges

Chief Justice Kwesi Anin-Yeboah has, in a circular, asked all judges and professional magistrates to wear their gowns and wigs for all court sittings.

“It is important to note that dressing in this manner helps to preserve the decorum, seriousness, and formality of court proceedings and the importance of the proper administration of justice,” the circular said.

The circular also said the gown must be worn over the following prescribed attires: formal dark dress or black suit, barrister’s trousers with Bar waistcoat, white tunic shirt or white blouse with collar/collarette, court band tie/bibs, studs, and stiffeners alongside dark socks and black shoes.

The circular noted that judges and magistrates “should also ensure that members of the Bar who appear before the courts strictly comply with the dress standards to maintain the dignity of the Court, as this matter was raised by the Bar Association at a meeting of the General Legal Council.”

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