Hearts of Oak to get automatic qualification in Champions League over WAC of Morocco


Ghana’s Accra Hearts of Oak could get automatic qualification over Wydad Athletic Club (WAC) Casablanca following a FIFA boycott forced on the Moroccan club from taking part in the current year’s CAF Champions Association.

WAC were hit with an exchange boycott by FIFA, which was later maintained by the Court of Mediation for Game (CAS) for neglecting to pay Nigerian worldwide, Chisom Elvis Chikatara, a complete amount of $187,250.33 before December 31, 2020.

The sum contains a judgment amount of $165,167, notwithstanding a five percent premium accumulating from April 7, 2019 to April 7, 2021 and an expense of 3,000 Swiss Francs requested by CAS.

As indicated by a letter gave by the player’s specialists, Action Chambers, and endorsed by the Head of Sports Law (Africa), Johnny Valuable Ogbah, to the Top of the Club Permitting Branch of the Regal Moroccan Football League on July 29, 2021, the FIFA Debate Goal Chamber decided for their customer on Walk 7, 2019 and furthermore granted the expense of $165,167 against WAC.

“This was to be paid inside 30 days. The choice further expressed that if the previously mentioned sums are not paid by the Respondent inside the expressed time limit, premium at the pace of 5% p.a. will fall due as of the expiry date,” it clarified.

In any case, a different letter endorsed by Johnny Valuable Ogbah to the Leader of Hearts of Oak dated September 20, 2021, expressed that WAC were ineligible to partake in the 2021/2022 CAF Champions Association in the wake of neglecting to fulfill a CAF time constraint of August 15, 2021 regarding the installment of the past due payables owed Chikatara.

“We write to advise you that your rivals in the following round of the CAF Champions Association, WAC of Morocco, are ineligible to partake in the CAF Champions Association 2021/2022.

“This is on the grounds that vide an appeal dated July 29, 2021, we educated the CAF regarding their ineligibility as they owed our customers past due payables and after examination, CAF gave them a cutoff time of August 15, 2021, to pay the late payables they owed our customer.


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