Maame Serwaa Displays Her Huge B00bs In A new Video


For the umpteenth time, Maame Serwaa has come through to make a huge statement with her huge body with much emphasis on her big boobs.

The former child actor whose real name is Clara Amoteng Benson has developed a penchant for showing off her banging goodies and she brought that in full load in this video we have for you.

The Kumasi-actress whose rapid growth physically and in the movie industry astounds some of us, was recently spotted dressed in a black-themed outfit along with dark shades and black boots to accentuate her looks in a post on Instagram.

Serwaa captioned her photo, “with I OWN THIS DAY” 🎂🎉

Born Clara Amoateng Benson, Maame Serwaa is a young Ghanaian actress and brand ambassador. In April 2018, she was featured in BBC Africa’s documentary on the Thriving Ghanaian Movie Industry.


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