Psalm Adjetefio Exposes Delay

According to Psalm Adjetefio in an interview with Mona Gucci, he had an interview when he started feeling uneasy and also at a time that he needed money for rent.

Psalm narrated that he was promised help by the host of the Delay Show adding that she would collaborate with telecommunication giant, Vodafone Ghana to come to his aid but that never happened.

He further stressed that Delay after failing to help him prevented him from clearing the air when people were calling him all sorts of names just because he was in need and also asked him not to grant any other interview after the one she had with him.

But after the interview with Delay and there was no help coming in for him, he gave Kofi TV the chance when they reached out to him for an interview and the reaction from there was massive and he had some support from others.

Watch the video below

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