Lady saves money in a susu box; see what happened when she opened it


A young woman has shared her story of how she saved money in a susu box for Christmas by ended up losing some of the money.

Identified as Olori Worldbest on Twitter, the Nigerian lady literally wept on social media after losing N24k and advised people not to save in susu box.

Sharing her story, she said;

“I was feeling somehow when I wanted to buy this piggy bank from the woman I bought it from at dopemu but becos I wanted it badly I bought it and left,

I left it at home for months cos of my fears but I make up my mind early August to start putting money in it for detty December,I started putting 1k daily till early September Nd I was even jotting it down sef but I stopped jotting when the money was upto 21k ,

I continued putting money in it till early this month Nd then stopped only for me to break it this morning cos I needed urgent 20k Nd found 6k out of almost 30k plus😱 How come?? I don’t know too🤷‍♀️I live alone so I’m 💯sure no one removed it ☹️

E pain me oo I no go lie😭 but I’m sharing this cos this is the season most people buy piggy bank to save there money for December,pls be extremely careful when buying Nd always follow your mind wasn’t true with the piggy bank from the start but Na me no hear word😢

Naso I lost 24k plus sha..Olorun Ari Ejo Da o😢Na only ear I Dey take hear say this things dey happen but e never happen to me or anyone close to me😢I still Dey check the piggy bank boya the money fit show but e don pass 1hour now which means say na OYO I Dey Na wetin make me make this post be that.. Becareful from buying KOLO AYE oo😭😭”


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