VIDEO: Reggie Rockstone Advises Shatta Wale


Legendary Ghana’s hiplife icon Reggie Rockstone has advised controversial  Shatta Wale following his publicity stunt yesterday.

Yesterday, the Shatta Movement Boss, and his team announced that the singer has been shot by some unknown men. This made Ghana police to start investigation into the matter.

It turns out that it was all fake and due to it the Ghana Police has released statement asking him to come for question and answers.

Meanwhile, the preacher who prophesied the death of Shatta Wale has also been arrested by the police.

The Grandpapa of hiplife reacting to it said the dancehall artiste shouldn’t have made jokes about his death and allowed it to spread like wildfire across social media.

Speaking in an interview on TV3, Reggie Rockstone said he was very worried about the wellbeing of Shatta Wale until he realized that it was a joke…a calculated attempt to court public attention about his death which was prophesied by a preacher a month ago.

“First of all without disrespect, I will write this off because I am an elder. You don’t joke with death, you don’t speak about death like that because the bible itself speaks against the power of our tongue. You also gave to know that people love you. I and Shatta had our back and forth and ironically Shatta has called 2 weeks ago during my Mufasa song project and since then we haven’t spoken. But we have patched up at some level so we are cool.”

Reggie Rockstone added that he was going to find Shatta Wale and those behind the creation of the hoax and counsel them about the need not to make jokes about one’s life which in effect created a national moment of fear and panic.

“But then I started getting calls from the states and questions about my son Shatta. I started calling everyone. I called Bulldog, he didn’t answer and I became more worried. I later saw the information on Twitter from some of his close counterparts so I brace myself, prayed and fell asleep. I woke up this morning and had to tell my son Ricky to check for me and he told me that Daddy is a hoax. I’m going to find him and talk to him but whoever is behind it, the friends who think is a joke then is not funny at all.”

Watch the video below;


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