VIDEO: Ghanaian Rapper Now Pounds Fufu At Chop Bar To Survive


A puzzling video of Ghanaian rapper Yaw Grey pounding fufu energetically in an eatery joint popularly called chop bar in the local parlance has been sighted by the big lenses of 

Grey was part of the defunct Mobile Boys group who went all the way to the grand finale in the maiden edition of the Nescafe African Revelation reality show 2005 won by eventual winners Praye.

Mobile Boys was made up of Kochoko, Nkonya and Grey.

The group never had a thriving career despite their huge potential and as shown in this video, Gray now pounds fufu to keep body and soul together.

Perhaps it’s a fallacy or a gimmick he employed to make him trend as he probably readies to drop a new song.

Watch the video;


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