Top 10 Popular Bloggers In Ghana, Their Websites And Net Worth


Popular bloggers in Ghana and the websites they use for their publications. Blogging is one of the most invested online business Ghanaian youths are making stipends from.

Through blogging many people get know information across the world and get educated on most vital lessons of life. Every popular blogger in ghana with the kind of information they deliver to the public to peruse or learn from.

While some bloggers publish about entertainment, some popular bloggers in Ghana write on politics, sports, technology and cryptocurrency, education or general news stuffs.

Take a glance at some popular bloggers in Ghana, who have been in the blogging business for years now and create jobs for other hardworking youth. And also bloggers who are beginners and rely on other professionals as role model. Note that, the list of the following bloggers are not in any rank. That is, we have not ranked these bloggers or their websites in any way.

1. MyAfro Ghana

MyAfro Ghana is a fast rising media platform, which is a subsidiary of Tongu Global project. This portal has its website domain as, where several niches of articles can be read from. It is not a one man’s website but a group of young people who seek to establish a room of entertainment, educational, political, sports, technological, and international and business news. To read on educative articles, visit and feed yourself with more information. And also try to support to grow their presence in world of internet by sharing and comment on their stories. You can also like their Facebook page at Tongu Global.

2. Ameyaw Debrah

Ameyaw Kissi Debrah is a Ghanaian freelance journalist, blogger and reporter. He has been in the blogging business for over decade now. His website,, is one of the most popular news portals, where entertainment and other news items can be read from. The primary purpose of is publishing news about Ghanaian celebrities. Ameyaw Debrah has an estimated net worth of $50,000.

3. Kwadzo Sheldon

Bernard Kwadzo Amoafo also known as Kwadzo Sheldon, is a Ghanaian most popular YouTube content creator. Sheldon’s purpose of content creation, is mostly centered on reaction to celebrities’ lifestyle including official music videos of artistes. Sheldon’s YouTube channel has over 300k subscribers and also has over 500k followers and likes on other social media platforms. Kwadzo Sheldon also has a website with the domain As of 2020, the popular comic YouTuber’s net worth is $350k.

4. Kofi Cephas

Kofi Cephas is the CEO of one of the most popular news portals from Ghana, He has received several awards for his work, which he is ranked the 12th amongst top 50 bloggers in Ghana 2021 by Avance Media. publishes news about celebrities and so on. His net worth is still unknown.

5. Shadrach J Annan

Shadrach Junie Annan is also another blogger who has been operating a website with the domain publishes entertainment news and lifestyle of celebrities. Shadrach’s net worth is unavailable.

6. Zion Felix

Nana Yaw Adomako also known as Zion Felix is a celebrity blogger, YouTuber, event promoter, social media marketer. ZionFelix hails from Kumasi in the Ashanti Region. Zion has been in the showbiz industry for years now and has gained several followers and fans across most social media platforms. He started his YouTube channel in 2011 and has about 470k subscribers. His website domain is ZionFelix of Apart from blogging, Zion has other business he venture in. Zion’s net worth as of 2021 is about $235K.

7. Rashad Kojo Emmanuel

Rashad Kojo Emmanuel (Lion Ba) is a Ghanaian popular blogger, who has also been in the industry for years now. He has thousands of followers across social media platforms and he has the website, where he blogs about celebrities and lifestyles. He studied development administration at University for Development Studies. His net worth is not available.

8. Dennis Dwomoh

Dennis is an editor at He loves to use social media and literally breaks a-news-story every single day. He with others operate on, a website where entertainment news are blogged. They also run advertisements on their website for customers and viewers. Dennis has also been ranked as part of top 50 bloggers in Ghana by Avance Media.

9. Chris Handler

Chris Handler is a Ghanaian blogger who owns He has once been a producer at Capital TV, where he started his blogging journey. He wished to be a banker, but after realizing the worth of blogging business, he venture into it full time. As the owner of GhBase, he has employed people who work for him each and everyday. His net worth is hidden.

10. Shepherd Yaw Morttey

Yaw Morttey is a technology blogger, who graduated from MEST as Software Entrepreneur. He is one of Ghana’s biggest bloggers, who is the founder and CEO of blog. Without going deep into his gains, he is a genius when it comes to blogging about technologies and programmes.

In Conclusion

These are not the only bloggers and blogs in Ghana. However, based on their popularity according, we have only captured from eleven (11) of them. Still note that, we did not rank the bloggers or the sites their operate with. We will keep uprating you out cherished and lovely readers whenever there is a change. Don’t forget to like and follow Tongu Global on Facebook.


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