Stay Away From This Local Branch – The Church of Pentecost Warns Its Members

The church of Pentecost headquarters like to inform the general public about its aloofness from the Hebron Assembly, and brings their seven years partnership to an end.

The superintendence of the Pentecost church is set to apprise the public that the Hebron assembly which is based at medie; a community on the Accra-Nsawam highway is no branch of theirs.

The Hebron assembly which was a prayer camp and was under the auspices of Elder Frank Kwabena Donkor, broke the biblical principles of the church and its laid down practices and policies.

In defiance of pieces of advice given to the Hebron leadership, it persists in manipulating under the the church of Pentecost brand name, and uses its insignia, necessaries, artwork, photos, and other pieces of information to swindle the general public to believe that the Hebron assembly is still controlled by the church of Pentecost.

The general public is said not to secure the services of the Hebron Assembly in any operandi under the designation of the church of Pentecost.

The church of Pentecost will not be culpable if individuals get involved with the said Hebron Assembly.

Read their full statement below;

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