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MzGee finally Reveals The Person Who Leaked TT’s Audio

Award winning media personality MzGee has finally revealed the person who leaked the audio conversation between herself and veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio’s (TT).

The former TV3 presenter was heavily criticised days ago over the leaked audio conversation.

The likes of Amanda Jissiah, Gloria Sarfo and other Ghanaians descended on her over it.

Responding to all those critics she disclosed that she is not the one who leaked the audio and also thanked those bashing her.

In a new development MzGee has mentioned the name of the individual who leaked the audio.

She revealed that the person is at the office of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana Dr Bawumia.

According to her, the person is Gideon Boako. She also also placed what seems to be irrevocable curses on him for leaking the video and creating unnecessary noise on social media.

MzGee had said she personally transferred the voice note TT had sent to her to Gideon in order to find solutions to his problem when he complained that the money Accra Regional minister promised was not forthcoming.

“I know this won’t trend as the previous but I am grateful T.T believes me! Now, my final words on this TT saga!

If Gideon Boako of the Veep’s office circulated that voice note sent to him in confidence, may my covenant with the altar of the Lord, speak! My God has and will never fail me….., a part of her message reads.

Check her post below;

Source: Themirrorgh.com

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