Popular Radio Show Host Auntie Naa And Oyerepa FM In Big Trouble

Auntie Naa and Oyerepa FM are in hot water as they prepare to respond to queries from the National Media Commission. VIP Bus management is the catalyst for the entire controversy.

According to the VIP Bus management, Ante Naa invited a certain lady into the Oyerepa FM studios for an interview.

During the interview, the lady said that a VIP bus driver slept with her on numerous occasions in one of their buses.

Following the incident, the driver’s attempts to compensate her fell on deaf ears.

Afterward, the lady went on Oyerepa FM to name and shame the VIP bus driver.

As a result, the management of VIP jeoun Transport regards the aforementioned interview as disrespecting.

This is due to the presence of their brand during the incident.

They were also vexed by Ante Naa’s refusal to invite VIP bus management to tell their side of the story rather than disgracing them on the radio.

Management even stated that the alleged behavior on the bus never occurred. As a result, they are reporting Ante Naa and Oyerepa FM to the National Media Commission in order for them to be brought to order.

It’s important to keep in mind that the National Media Commission has the authority to cancel TV and radio shows or programs.

Check screenshot below;


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